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(short film)


A timid and withdrawn Zacharias seeks to join a black Baptist choir despite his deafness, drawn to a community with which he seems to have little in common. Zacharias perseveres against his insecurities, impairment, and difference in culture, attempting to find peace in achieving something he desperately desires, a place of acceptance and belonging. Silent Notes explores the navigation of two worlds through music and culture.


(short film in conception)

Bold and responsible Antoni turns to poetry and whimsy when shaping a response to commitments. But when faced with a confusing, life-changing circumstance in caring for his sick, deaf, younger sister Magda, his approach veers from his normal approach. Desperate, he turns to his dead mother’s longtime friend Rosa, a Mexican healer, for an unconventional alternative. Antoni is then forced to confront their differences and her unique approach to find the resolve that will offer Magda relief.

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